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Thunder Bay Ventures

Thunder Bay Ventures supports a variety of ongoing community projects, including the Handmade Map, supporting arts and cultural events, and the Small Business Survey. The Small Business Survey has historically been an accurate barometer of the attitudes and opinions of small business owners in Thunder Bay, while the Handmade Map offers a tour of local…

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NOW Program

A Project to stimulate women-owned and women-led business start-ups and scale-ups by increasing access to business development supports throughout the Northern Ontario region.Website: http://lambac.org/now/ When: The NOW project will take place Fall 2019 to Fall 2022 throughout Northern Ontario

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New Investment Projects

Website: https://nohfc.ca/en/pages/programs/northern-business-opportunity-program/nbop-new-investment-projects NOHFC assists competitive businesses that, currently do not have a presence in Ontario, expand operations to Northern Ontario and create jobs.

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Small Business Start-up Projects

Website: https://nohfc.ca/en/pages/programs/northern-business-opportunity-program/nbop-small-business-start-up-projects NOHFC assists new businesses in Northern Ontario that intend to commence operations in existing and emerging priority economic sectors.

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Business Expansion Projects

Website: https://nohfc.ca/en/pages/programs/northern-business-opportunity-program/nbop-business-expansion-projects NOHFC assists existing businesses in Ontario that intend to expand and or retain their operations within Northern Ontario to improve competitiveness, increase productivity, export, grow revenues and create jobs.

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