An Update for the Northern Ontario Tourism Industry

Tourism Northern Ontario is reminding the industry of its importance as an economic driver in Northern Ontario. Our tourism economy in Northern Ontario is greater than that of five provinces (Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Atlantic provinces) and the three territories. As an update to our industry, we have put together several quick facts:

  • Northern Ontario welcomes 8.2 million visitors who spend 1.6 billion dollars annually.
  • Northern Ontario’s tourism industry generates half a billion dollars in tax revenue each year.
  • One out of every four businesses in the north is tourism-related and 40% of the workforce is connected to tourism.
  • Rural occupancy rates and revenue for Northern Ontario accommodations increased 15% and 28% year over year respectively in 2017.
  • The tourism industry is the largest employer of young workers in Northern Ontario.
  • Northern Ontario is the top destination for high yield anglers with angling tourism generating over 6000 jobs and contributing $450 million towards Ontario’s GDP.
  • 90% of the economic benefits of tourism in Northern Ontario stay in the region.

Tourism Northern Ontario directly supports tourism businesses and communities to build better quality experiences that resonate with consumers to grow the industry by increasing visitation and yield. Tourism Northern Ontario is aligned with the priorities of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and works collaboratively with Destination Ontario. Through partnership, Tourism Northern Ontario is able to efficiently execute innovative and multi-faceted tourism programs which support growth in the industry and leverage resources.

We will continue to develop its identified priority products and experiences including angling, auto and RV touring, culture and heritage, destinations and gateway communities, nature and adventure, snowmobiling and cycling. Secondary products such as food, francophone and Indigenous tourism are all on the horizon for development.

2017 was Canada’s best year for tourism on record. Overseas visitors are at an all-time high. Tourism Northern Ontario will continue working in international marketing to increase visitation to 2% of all visitors. This will increase tourism receipts in the North by half a billion dollars each year!

If your business is interested in Tourism Northern Ontario programming or how to leverage the great work our industry is doing, please reach out to us through our contact page.

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