Investment Attraction

Destination Northern Ontario's main objective in Investment Attraction is to increase investment in the tourism industry to enhance visitor experience.


Destination Northern Ontario will take a complimentary role in Investment Attraction across the region to support the activities of FedNor, the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, relative provincial ministries such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs or the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines. Furthermore, Destination Northern Ontario is:

Leveraging the organization’s relationship with EDCO and other
economic development agencies;

Leveraging partnership Program funds available through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport;

Working with federal and provincial ministries to make the case for a capital investment program for tourism businesses in the region;

Communicating and information sharing with the industry (which includes disseminating research on investment opportunities);

Identifying investment tool requirements for stakeholders; 

Assisting in relative funding applications for industry or relative tourism organizations; and

Providing critical training opportunities such as succession planning to operators across the North.

Download our Investment Attraction Toolkit