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The Northern Ontario Tourism Wayfinding Plan (2014) pointed to the key importance of our TICs in ensuring a high-quality visitor experience. It said that the most effective and trusted way to share information is to have a person local to the area available to answer questions and that, especially in remote areas, visitors are looking for reassurance that they’re in the right place or headed in the right direction and information to make their experience more enjoyable.

It stated: “The most important wayfinding channel is the friendly face at the visitor’s centre. That person needs to be supported with education, funding and current information”.

The Northern Ontario TIC Hub is a one-stop resource centre, providing Northern Ontario’s TIC staff with the tools that they need to provide outstanding service to our visitors. We invite you to explore the site and, if there is anything else that you feel could be added to serve you better, please contact us.

NOTE: our new TIC Hub uses Dropbox. If you receive a ‘No Access’ or ‘404’ error, you may need to log out of your existing Dropbox account and log back in using the TIC login credentials. Contact us if you need further assistance. 

How to edit the inventory: Open the file labelled “Inventory”; click TIC Inventory file; in the right hand corner click “open with” and choose Microsoft Word Online. Scroll down to your listing, edit and close. The document will automatically save and be accessible to all TICs. DO NOT delete the TIC inventory under any circumstances. Please email communications@destinationnorthernontario.ca if you have any questions.

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