Workforce & Industry Training


Destination Northern Ontario's main objective in workforce and industry training is to facilitate and support the attraction, development and retention of a tourism workforce to enhance the customer experience.  


Through strong relationships at the federal and provincial level, Destination Northern Ontario is implementing a “Quality Shift”, launching the Tourism Excellence North program to increase visitor appeal and create better products and higher-quality tourism experiences.

The program is delivered by trained specialists through a combination of self-learning, group learning and personalized coaching.

For the first time in over 30 years, trained specialists visit and experience tourism products at a place of business where they mentor business owners and increase the visitor appeal of tourism experiences.

Over 400 individuals have participated in the Tourism Excellence North program to date; when surveyed, 100% of participants said that they would take additional training through the program.

Destination Northern Ontario has also lead approximately 90 Service Excellence courses in partnership with the Ontario Tourism Education Corporation over the past two years to operators across the North.

In addition to the Tourism Excellence North program, Destination Northern Ontario hosts the largest industry focused tourism event in Ontario, the Northern Ontario Tourism Summit.  This event has engaged over 1400 tourism representatives and business owners since its inception in 2014.

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“As owners and forward strong people we would encourage other owners to take part in these exercises and learning venues. Not only what you take away from it in knowledge but to use that knowledge and excitement to push those owners forward.

Owners of smaller tourist businesses in the North are scared and unsure how to move forward... and for the most part to spend money. To be inspired by these outings is one step forward. We hope that word will spread so that more businesses will be present for the next trip.  Talking directly to the owners or management made everything so real and easy to process. To us this experience was exceptional value.”


Stephanie Wagner, Owner & Manager    |    Temagami Shores Inn & Resort

(Participant on ‘Welcome the Wold to Your Business:
Understanding & Attracting the International Visitor’, April 2018)