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Tourism SkillsNet North (TSNN)

In collaboration with Destination Northern Ontario, Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario, Ontario Tourism Education Corporation, Ontario Employment Service Providers and Northern Ontario Workforce Planning Boards, Tourism SkillsNet North is designed to identify specific workforce labour gaps, train up to 200 potential employees and match them with available job opportunities within Northern Ontario’s tourism sector.

Qualified employers will be eligible for a 50% wage subsidy up to:

  • Seasonal employer (new TSNN employee): $3,000
  • Seasonal employer or year-round employer (returning TSNN employee): $2,500
  • Year-round employer (new TSNN employee): $5,000

Each organization is eligible to receive wage subsidies for up to a maximum of 10 employees for the program. Training  is encouraged for as many employees as possible and is not limited to 10

Unfortunately, employers cannot hire his/her spouse, sibling or child.



For potential employees looking to participate in the program,



For employers looking to participate in the program,


If you would like to inquire about your registration status, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Tourism SkillsNet North


Wage Subsidy Amounts

To receive the wage subsidy, you must ensure that your newly hired employees meet the eligibility criteria and complete the participant registration form.

To support as many businesses as possible, the following conditions have been established:

  • Each organization is eligible to receive wage subsidies for up to a maximum of 10 employees for the program.
  • The wage subsidies are prioritized on a first come first served basis, based on the completion of training.

Tourism SkillsNet North: Training Guide

The Tourism SkillsNet North Training Guide includes an overview of the training and materials that a participant will receive once enrolling in Tourism SkillsNet North.
The objective of the Tourism Skills Net North training guide is to:

• Support employers and job seekers to define the best training option.
• Provide an understanding of the available training programs and courses that are available in the program.


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