Tourism Northern Ontario officially launches new brand: Destination Northern Ontario  

Brand launches at Northern Ontario Tourism Summit in Sault Ste. Marie.


Previously known as Tourism Northern Ontario, Regional Tourism Organization 13 is excited to announce the rebranding of their organization as Destination Northern Ontario. Destination Northern Ontario is one of 13 regional tourism organizations and operates in the area north of the French River, west of the Ottawa River to the Manitoba border, and north to the salt water coast.


This re-branding allows visitors to recognize the organization within the national and provincial network of tourism organizations as it reflects the Destination Canada and Destination Ontario brands. The public will continue to see our old name as we use previously produced materials to ensure we are doing business in a cost effective manner


Destination Northern Ontario directly supports tourism businesses and communities to build better quality experiences that resonate with consumers to grow the industry by increasing visitation and yield. Destination Northern Ontario leverages its core budget by more than 50% each year. This results in an additional 3 million dollars invested into tourism programming across the North. Our partnership program is extremely successful each year. An average of 70 tourism businesses and organizations have partnered with us annually to leverage our partnership fund by nearly 500%.


Destination Northern Ontario is an instrumental part of the overall tourism industry in the North, acting as a conduit among local tourism organizations (such as Destination Marketing Organizations) and tourism businesses, and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and its agencies. Tourism as an industry is a key part of the overall economic health of Northern Ontario and the rest of the province. Tourism is a revenue generator and contributes a large portion of Northern tax revenue to Ontario and its GDP.


Destination Northern Ontario is vital to the partnerships created between private and public organizations and individuals in order to make significant investments into the tourism industry in Northern Ontario. In order to continue to grow tourism as an economic driver in the North, Destination Northern Ontario will align its self with the provincial tourism framework, while engaging tourism businesses at the local level to ensure exceptional tourism products are developed and marketed to best-bet markets. Destination Northern Ontario’s end goal is to significantly increase visitor spending in Northern Ontario.