Snowmobile Tourism Project in the Northeast Revs Ahead

Snowmobiling in Northeastern Ontario recently received a huge boost of support with the successful funding requests from both FedNor’s Canada Experience Fund and Ontario’s Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation for the World’s Best Snowmobile Destination Project. With the funding now secured over three-years, the pilot project is ready to be implemented with support from community partners including Timmins, Cochrane, Temiskaming Shores, Hearst, Kapuskasing, Northeastern Ontario Tourism, Algoma Country, Northeastern Community Network (NeCN) and Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs. 

Historically, this region has focused primarily on trail development and marketing which has resulted in the attraction of a solid base of snowmobile tourists to the region. However, based on considerable evidence, a targeted approach to the establishment of a broader snowmobile tourism ecosystem was considered fundamental to advancing the objective of creating the World’s Best Snowmobile Destination which will result in increased visitation, longer stays, investment attraction, new and enhanced product, job creation/retention and significant economic growth across the region. 

This project will address wayfinding, training, marketing and communications, safety and standards along the trail network in Northeastern Ontario. Success of this project is based on the willingness of community partners and stakeholders to invest time, energy, and dollars into its implementation. This will be accomplished with open and ongoing communication; community buy-in; transparency; a clear mandate; and most importantly, regional collaboration.