Catching Up With… A Conversation with Gerry Cariou, Executive Director, Sunset Country


Fall is probably the busiest time for staff at numerous tourism organizations and businesses and Sunset Country is no exception. We caught up with Gerry Cariou to see what he and his team have been up to.

TNO: The fall/winter season is the time when many travel organizations are finalizing their literature and making plans to attend travel shows. Is that the case with you?

GC: Absolutely. We are in high gear getting the finishing touches to our travel guide completed as it goes to print on November 30th. In 2018 we will be attending the All Canada Pheasant Run in Schaumburg, IL.; Madison, IL; Sioux Falls, SD and Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are also staffing two other shows in partnership with Destination Ontario in Toronto and Green Bay, WI.

TNO: We understand you have a new team member.

GC: Yes, we are happy to announce Alyssa Lloyd has joined the Sunset Country team as a Creative Writing Intern. This position is funded by NOHFC at 90% of the costs for the first year so we want to say thanks to them for the assistance. Alyssa will be working on several projects including blogging for the Northern Portal and Sunset Country websites, assisting in managing our extensive portfolio of social media platforms and using her photography and videography skills to develop unique content telling the story of Sunset Country to consumers.

TNO: We know you have some marketing news to share as well.

GC: Sunset Country is working hard on increasing our marketing activities. We recently signed a sponsor agreement with Lund/Mercury and we continue to manage the TNO-funded fish/hunt marketing for sub-region 13C (Northwestern Ontario). The TNO project includes a sponsorship with Lindner Media to promote the fishing experiences we have as well as deals with The New Fly Fisher, Midwest Outdoors and Outdoor News. Digital and social media marketing are also an integral part of this year’s marketing plan.

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