Building on Brands: A Move Towards Greater Competitiveness

To increase domestic and international tourists and tourism expenditures, Destination Ontario developed its new brand, “One Discovery Leads to Another.” Recognizing that every provincial region is unique, the brand brings together the diverse and dynamic tourism offerings across the province and the fun and ease by which tourists can explore it. The logo “Yours to Discover” and the recently developed “Where Am I?” brand platform are extensions of the Ontario brand.

However, during the engagement sessions held to inform the development of the strategic tourism framework, government heard that Ontario needs to improve brand consistency, and reduce brand clutter to be more effective in today’s globally-competitive industry. In recognition of this, in 13C region, Tourism Northern Ontario has taken steps to wind down the Northwest Ontario brand to better align with provincial framework.

“With strong sub-regional brands already in existence, we’ll be working with our partners—Sunset Country, Thunder Bay Tourism and Superior Country–and reinvesting resources from the Northwest brand into these sub-regional brands”, said Tourism Northern Ontario Executive Director David MacLachlan.

MacLachlan added that Tourism Northern Ontario will also work with communities and operators individually on a case-by-case basis to market product in alignment with the provincial brand. If you have any questions or are looking for more information, please contact Stephanie at

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